8 Tips for Visiting the Louvre With Kids

8 tips for visiting the louvre with kids

louvre with kidsArt Museums Can be Fun!

The Louvre – one of the most prestigious art museums in the world, home to approximately 35,000 of the world’s art treasures. It’s truly one of the most awe-inspiring places you can ever visit; but,is it for kids?

louvre with kids


Absolutely! Taking kids to the Louvre can be one of the greatest cultural experiences you can offer them. Let’s face it though, most children are not initially receptive to the idea of spending hours in any type of museum. You just need to know how to make the experience fun. I’m here to help with that!

Speaking from experience, as a teacher and a mom, trust me when I say that keeping the kids entertained is the name of the game. I learned some tricks of the trade a couple years ago while chaperoning a group of high school students on a tour of Europe. Those tricks, combined with some creative thinking, and a little research, have resulted in a list of:

8 Tips for Visiting the Louvre With Kids

Purchase tickets in advance – This one is important, especially for young children. The Louvre is a very large venue. To tour even a portion of the museum will require a lot of walking and a lot of time. Don’t add standing in an unnecessary line to that. Purchase your tickets in advance. You will still have to endure the security check line, but at least you will eliminate the long wait for tickets.

Have a Treasure Hunt – Download a list of some of the major pieces on display in the museum. Create a checklist and have the kids mark them off as they find them. Separate into teams and make it a competition. If you really want to take things up a notch, don’t supply the names of the works, only a description. Be sure there’s a prize up for grabs!

Strike a Pose – Have kids mimic the people, or even animals, depicted in paintings and statues. Snap a picture of them in front of the piece of art (only if photos are permitted). This activity can be done with one child or in groups.

You’re the Artist – Bring along a sketchbook and have your child replicate a work of art. For younger children, you can find coloring books, or printable coloring pages that depict famous works of art.

What’s the Backstory? – Pick a few specific works and create a story to go along with the subjects of the pieces. Have your child jot down a few thoughts, and complete the story later. Be sure to snap a picture to jog their memory.

Reporter – Hand your child a camera or cell phone and a notepad. Have him/her pretend they are writing an article for a magazine or newspaper. You can have them pick a particular artist’s work or a certain genre. Encourage them to gather as much information as possible. When they arrive home, have them create their article in a word document. You could also make this into a “television production”. Just use video!

Snacks – Whether you are visiting the museum with teenagers or young children, make sure to offer lots of opportunities for snacking. A hungry child is a cranky child. I’m speaking from experience. Just for the record, the same rule applies to adults. Your in Paris anyway; pastries are a must! Luckily, the Louvre offers several options for food.

Comic Book – Have your child select a particular piece of art, preferably one with several subjects, and create a comic book based on the work.

I hope these tips help you and your kiddo(s) enjoy your trip to Louvre.

Have you ever visited the Louvre, or any other art museum with children? Do you have any suggestions? Please share them! I love to hear from my readers and your suggestions could help a fellow traveler. 🙂

Happy Travels!



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