Virtual Reality – Is This the New Reality of the Travel Industry?

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Technology is all around us. It has a huge impact on our lives, even the way we travel. Think about it. Most people today have cell phones. That’s like having a full computer in your pocket. All things considered, cell phones can do almost anything a computer can do, including help with your vacation planning. And, in case you haven’t heard, the travel industry is hopping  on the bandwagon of one of the latest cell phone technology trends – Virtual Reality (VR).

Now, before I delve into this topic, I would like to make it known that I am NOT promoting virtual vacations. I wholeheartedly believe that you have to be physically, mentally, and emotionally present to truly travel. In fact, As a matter of fact, I have three basic travel rules that I follow, none of which involve technology of any kind.

Faith, Trust, and Wanderlust Travel Rules:

  1. A traveler should physically explore their destination. Walk the streets. Climb the hills. Touch the ancient buildings. Make some sort of physical contact with your environment.
  2. When travelling, you should be mentally present. Be willing to learn things about the places you visit. You should take away new knowledge from every destination you explore. Have a meaningful experience.
  3. Emotional presence when visiting a new destination is crucial. Connect with the locals. Have you ever heard of walking a mile in another man’s shoes? This is your opportunity.

I firmly believe in purposeful travel. This type of travel is not possible through Virtual Reality. Don’t get me wrong, putting on a Virtual Reality (VR) headset and looking at one of the most famous landmarks in the world is a visual treat. It’s lots of fun; but, it isn’t real travel. There is no journey involved, no exploration, no overwhelming emotion from physically standing in a destination you have always dreamed of visiting. Nope – it’s just not enough for me.

Sorry for the tangent. I’m not saying that I am against Virtual Reality technology in the world of travel – absolutely not! In fact, I’m very excited to share some of the latest VR news with you. I hope it will help all of us plan our next travel adventures. Seriously, I’m talking about a game changer here.


***First, a disclaimer – I have no affiliation, business  or personal, with Expedia or Best Western. This is just my opinion on great technological advances that are coming to the world of travel. ***

Virtual Reality – The Future of Hotel Booking

virtual reality hotel booking

Did you know that hotel chains and online booking sites are gearing up to allow travelers to view hotel rooms? This is very exciting news. Instead of looking at pictures that make a tiny New York City hotel room appear to be the size of a suite, you will be able to “step” into the room and get a feel of the layout. How cool is that?

A  recent article from,  revealed that Expedia is hoping to bring the virtual technology to their website. This type of feature could be a wonderful addition to the “one-stop-shopping” type of vacation booking these kinds of businesses offer.

Think about it. You find a hotel at a great price, but you aren’t 100% sure the room will meet your needs. Simply grab your VR headset and take a close look. This technology will allow you to get a real feel for the layout. Awesome, right?

Even the well-known Best Western chain of hotels has gotten in on the fun. They have posted VR videos of many of their U.S. properties on YouTube.

If you’re getting ready to book your next adventure check to see if any hotels at your destination offer VR tours. I will definitely be using this technology for our next trip!

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality – Is This the New Reality of the Travel Industry?

  1. You can teleport to any time in time and space. You can travel the world without even travelling at all. You can visit places virtually to see what they’re like and explore the world without leaving your couch.

    • says:

      I completely agree with you. Virtual Reality does make sightseeing possible. It is a great way to see a landmark without ever leaving your house. For a true travel experience, however, I feel that people must immerse themselves in the destination, the people, and their culture. Nothing is quite the same as exploring our beautiful world.

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