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Your search was a success! You have landed at Faith, Trust, and Wanderlust, my little home on the internet. Welcome! Kick off your shoes, grab a drink, sit back, and stay a while. I’m glad you stopped by.

I’m Marnie, a wife, mom, teacher, wanna-be- full-time-glob-trotter, Disney addict, and yes…a writer. I love to travel whenever time and budget allow. Please refer to my previously mentioned occupation – teacher. As much as my family and I love to traipse around the globe, our budget doesn’t always coincide with our sense of wanderlust. It’s OK, though. We’ve learned to travel cheap and still have lots of fun.

really want to travel

Travel is very important to me. It gives me the opportunity to spend time with the people I love most in this world – my family. No matter where we go, we always strive to attain two goals – get a taste of the local culture and have fun. We always manage to accomplish both. And, might I add, crazy antics usually ensue along the way. No worries, you’ll hear more about those later. I promise!

Family Eiffel Tower

Back to the benefits of traveling. The occasional getaway allows me to do more than hang out with the family. It allows me to mentally recharge. Escaping the chaos that is my everyday life is necessary to preserve my sanity. You know it’s true. You feel the same way. Don’t try to deny it. Sometimes you just need to get away. It doesn’t even matter where you go. Travel is good for the soul.

“Sometimes you just need to get away. It doesn’t even matter where you go. Travel is good for the soul.”

Through my experiences with writing for a regional travel network, a destination magazine, and meeting fellow travelers, I have come to realize that many other people are like I used to be. They have a desire to travel, but have no idea how to make it happen with limited funds. I want to help change that.

Whether you want to hop the next flight to Europe, spend a weekend in NYC, or play for a few days in the Disney Parks, I want to help you make that possible. My years of experience planning our family vacations have given me a lot of insight into traveling on a shoestring budget (Teacher, remember?).

Oh, I almost forgot – did I mention that I worked seasonally at Walt Disney World for four years? It’s true. I spent four summers working in the place where dreams come true. I have lots of money-saving Mickey tips!

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